KBS Friday night drama. Script writer: Park Ji Eun. The new drama is titled Producer and is set in the world of variety television. Kim Soo Hyun will be playing a law school student who gives up law school in order to become a producer. Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Jong Kook will be playing as veteran variety PDs and IU as a top singer. Filming is tentatively scheduled to start in April. Screenwriter Park Ji Eun wrote the script for “My Love from a Star.” Director Seo Soo Min has produced popular variety shows such as “Superman Returns.”


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Sensory Couple Episode 10

Detective Yeom confirms that the woman in Cho Rims memory is the one of the victims. The couple continues to romance each other (real and imagined).Cho Rim stars on her own cooking show. Jae Hee is showing a nerdy interest in Cho RIm as if shes a book. Creepy! Chain killer finds Cho Rims dad. Moo Gak breaks in Chefs house and was almost cought. Good thing Cho Rim saw his scent and saved him. Detective Yeom removes Moo Gak from the bar code case. Cho Rim reads Doctor Chun’s letter to Choi Yun Seol aka Cho Rim and is shocked. Jae Hee finds her reading the letter. Episode end.

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Confusing (아리송해) Girl Who Sees Smell OST

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Who Are You–School 2015: Episode 1

I wasnt quite expecting a thriller when I started with the episode. I thought it was one of these usual lovey dovey High School stuff. I have not watched the old School Series and I didnt really know what to expect. The description said something about an amnesia girl. It reminded me of an American Series I watched about a separated Twin Sisters who asked the poor twin to replace her at a posh setting.
It was a bit shocking. There was this sweet girl, (I think I remember her from Suspicious Housekeeper).

bandicam 2015-04-28 21-03-00-525

Her name is Eun Bi and she wants to become a teacher. She lives in an orphanage called Love House and hhes working 3 different jobs becasue she needs to leave once she graduates.
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Ill Pray Everyday Girl Who Sees Smell OST

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